Hi, we are Ben and Mari. We

…love to dance, but not in public.

…are romantically minded, without any trash.

…feel saver on the other side of the camera.

But honestly, we are much more interested in you, your special story and all about your fairy tale wedding! Check our style out on this page and contact us with as many details as possible!

A litte more Info

Mari was born, raised and fell in love with photography in Vienna. Coming back to Vienna after a year of studies in Hamburg (Germany), she started her business as a wedding photographer. After she met Ben it was just a matter of time until the both of them startet beeing a couple at work, too. They perform best, when working together, but they also can be engaged seperatly.
Ben was living in Salzburg for a while and loves to be in Vienna, where he has been living now for quite some time.
While Mari is the queen of ideas and has the feeling for colors and style, Ben is in this concern a typical man and takes care of all the technical stuff.
The both of them are really curious about every upcoming wedding, because they can’t get enough of all the true feelings, the love, the glamour, the peolple,…
To get to know them, meet them by occasion for a cup or a glass of whatever, they love to read/hear from you and your story.


All pictures presented on this humble website are taken by Marion or Benjamin with passion, care & state of the art equipment. Therefore those pictures are not to be downloaded, copied, distributed or anything likewise.

If you like our pictures that much, that you must do something with them, please contact us. Anyhow we appreciate your interest in our work!

Cheers, Ben&Mari

(c)2018 until forever

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